Exercise your facial muscles to create a youthful smile!

Exercising your facial muscles brings out your best and most youthful smile.
The 3 important points to work on are as follows.

Smile lines

Firm and inconspicuous smile lines give off an impression of youth. The greater zygomatic muscle and lesser zygomatic muscle in particular are key factors to forming smile lines.

Face line

A firm and well-defined facial contour is a vital element in enhancing your smile. The buccinator and risorius muscles are often associated with shaping the contour of the face.

Corners of the mouth

Turning up the corners of the mouth results in a refreshing and youthful smile. To better achieve this, the greater zygomatic muscle and orbiculars oris muscle should be regularly exercised.

Start your day with a 30-second PAO facial fitness session

Like dancing, a PAO facial fitness session is a rhythmical exercise that's fun for all. All you have to do is hold PAO in your mouth and swing the ends of the bar up and down to tone up your facial muscles.

Exercise your facial muscles
30 seconds, twice a day

How to PAO

Form an "O" with your mouth.

Hold the mouthpiece located in the center with your lips.

Bob your head up and down to swing both ends of the bar.

Perform this exercise for 30 seconds, twice a day.

*When exercising with PAO, it is recommended that you face a mirror and watch yourself.

Using PAO continuously for 2 months

Sharing - Would like to recommend to others

"I feel that my cheeks have been rising and this is out of my expectation. Even a negligent person like myself can continue training because it's only 30 seconds, twice a day."

Sharing - Noticeable change

"After using for a week, a friend said, "Your face got smaller. What did you do?" I had a feeling that my face line had become a little slimmer, but it made me happy that the effects were noticeable by others.

Technical distance is the distance between mouthpiece and the lips. Holding PAO at a distance requires a certain degree of strength, and as a result, the load on muscles increases.

What should I do if the product stops swinging during the exercise?

Try to keep your neck and shoulder relaxed, swing gently. Take a short break if you cannot make a 30-second exercise in one time. Take 30 seconds as your target for PAO exercise and you will get used to it gradually.

When is the best time for PAO exercise?

Anytime as long as you are free. As it takes only a short period of time, you can make use of your free time to do PAO exercise (time for TV commercial).

You can also do PAO exercise before going out in the morning, which helps you create an appealing smile after the PAO exercise.

How much strength should I use for PAO exercise?

It may be difficult to exercise if you strain your neck or shoulders too much. Try to keep your neck and shoulder relaxed, swing gently.

Will there be any effect on jaw, teeth or neck?

If you are using the product in the correct way, it should not be a problem. However, please do not use the product if you feel abnormalities in your jaw, teeth or neck. It is also not suggested to use when you are under treatments.

Will there be any issue to shake your head continuously?

Actually it is similar to running, your head is also shaking slightly. PAO exercise has similar shakiness, it should not be a problem if you are using the product correctly. If you feel any abnormalities in your head, shoulder or waist when using PAO, please stop using and seek for professional advice immediately.

Will it cause any damage to my lips?

It varies from person to person, but it is unlikely to be injured if you are using PAO in the way we recommended in our Guidebook. Please be reminded not to use the product while wearing a pierce on or around your lips. It is also not suggested to use when you are having a gum or candy in your mouth and please do not use it continously for a long period of time.

How often can we use PAO per day?

30-90 seconds each time, twice a day. Over-exercise may cause excessive physical strain in your mouth or muscle.

Product Specification

Model Number FF-PO1858F-W (White)
FF-PO1858F-N (Black)
Price HK$990
Contents FACIAL FITNESS PAO x 1, Mouthpiece x 1, Mouthpiece Case x 1, Balance Weights (mint green x 2, pink x 2, rose gold x 2), pouch
Size Approximately 540mm × 65mm × 35mm
Materials Thermoplastic polyurethane, stainless-steel, polycarbonate+ABS plastic

Balance Weights

Select the weights that best fit your training or according to your facial condition.

Size Approximately 61mm × 28mm × 10mm
Materials Zinc, ABS plastic
Weight Mint Green (each) - 18g
Pink (each) - 23g
Rose Gold (each) - 28g


Keep mouthpiece clean and hygienic! Always remove and wash the mouthpiece after use, and store it in the carrying case.

Model Number POM/W (White)
POM/N (Black)
Price HK$70
Size Approximately 43mm × 36mm x 40mm
Materials Thermoplastic elastomers


Each set comes with an easy to carry pouch that allows you to continue your PAO training at work, travel or anywhere.

Size Approximately 118mm × 600mm
Materials Polyester