Aiming for a beautiful body with hot massage time.

By effectively supplementing the firming ingredients, the unique ReFa massage gel strengthening the massage effect and the tightening effect at the same time to give you a well-toned body.

Slimming complex

Focusing on the process of skin sagging. Tones up your skin to create a beautiful body.

Lift power complex

Contains "Cureberry※1" "Hexapeptide-3※2" Supports beautiful skin from the inside of the skin.

Smooth skin complex

Makes your skin supple and feel good to touch.

※1 Cureberry leaf extract (moisturizing) ※2 Moisturizer

How to Use ReFa for BODY MASSAGE GEL

Step 1 Body gel

Place a 2cm sized ball of gel on your hand, and rub it into where you wish to use it.

Step 2 One step for beauty

Massage from your extremities towards the heart.


Massage upwards from your feet to your buttocks.


Using your palms, rub around your navel in a clockwise direction.


Massage up from the top of your legs.

Upper arm

Massage upwards from your fingers to your shoulders.

※ Add gel if you feel pulling on the skin or insufficient gel. No need to wash gel off after use. It is normal that you may feel warm after applying the gel.

Product name ReFa for BODY MASSAGE GEL
Price HK$580
Contents Approximately 200g