Liplu Set


  • 3 main features: Heat‧Permeate‧Moisturize
  • Heat mode and LIP IN mode for lip care
  • Attain soft and irresistible lips
  • Each set includes one unit of LIPLU and one unit of LIP IN SERUM
Contents LIPLU (1 unit), LIP IN SERUM (1 bottle)
Size Approx. 120mm x 31mm x 25mm
Weight 32g
Materials ABS、PC、PET、SUS
Accessories Instruction manual, Case, AAA alkaline battery (for trial only)

The following persons should not use this product. Doing so could lead to harm, with possible skin or body problems.

  • Persons prone to allergies.
  • Persons with skin disease or atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin.
  • Persons with a hemorrhagic disease, hemophilia, or any other blood abnormality.
  • Persons who cannot declare their own intentions, persons who are paralyzed or have a perceptual disorder.

To ensure that the product is used correctly, please read the instruction manual carefully before use.

Specifications are subject to change without notice for ongoing product modifications and improvement.

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LIPS require extra special care

Delicate lips that are prone to chapping and cracking should be cared for from within*. LIPLU is a proprietary program that creates an ideal state of permeability that allows lipcare from within*. The program helps maintain texture, color and shape—the key aspects that determine lip beauty and health.
*Stratum corneum

Lip In Program ‧ Ideal Environment for Permeation

Dedicated and sensitive lips

Unlike the skin on the cheek or other parts of the body, lips are uniquely structured.
The stratum corneum is far thinner and lacks of sebaceous glands on the surface. That’s why lips are easily become dry and chapped.

The ideal technology for lipcare
High-performance LIP IN PULSE

High-performance “LIP IN PULSE” was specifically developed to bring out the beauty of your lips, using a technology that implements electric signals to induce beaut.

High-performance LIP IN PULSE

A fusion of pulse and heat for the lips

High-performance “LIP IN PULSE” was born from the integration of pulse wave (electric signal) and heat generation functions. The pulse is a unique waveform developed to provide a perfect balance of comfort and potency to your lips. The heat function is set to generate a comfortable warmth of approximately 42˚C *.

* With surrounding temperature of 25˚C

High permeability and soothing heat

Sliding the surface of the tip of the LIP IN PULSE over your lips helps the permeation of active ingredients.
What’s more, you can enjoy the comforting heat as you care for your lips.

Two different modes for attractive lips, with or without makeup

Heat mode for quick, easy care

For quick and easy care, apply heat over your usual lip cream. This secret technique makes applying lipstick and gloss easier.

LED lights up red
LIP IN mode for full-edged care:
Heat ‧ Permeation ‧ Moisturize

For serious lipcare, apply heat over the beauty lotion. Enjoy greeting yourself in the mirror every morning with firm, glossy lips.

LED lights up blue

Plump ‧ Hydrated ‧ Radiant
A special formula for your lips

LIP IN SERUM is a lipcare lotion that softly penetrates the skin. The lotion is a specially prepared formula composed of selected moisturizing ingredients that act from within to nurture your lips and enhance their resilience and beauty.

Moisturizing Formula

Vitamin C Derivative#

Acts from within the lips* to improve firmness.

Polyglutamic Acid

Superior moisturizing effects smoothen the skin and protects it from drying and chapping.

Manuka Honey

Coats the lips with a moist veil that maintains glossiness.

# Stratum Corneum

* Ascorbyl 2-phosphate Mg

Push twice and apply a small amount of lotion to your fingertip.
Spread the lotion evenly over the lips.
Slide the tip vertically in small strokes along the vertical furrows of your lips.
Make sure your strokes extend all the way to both edges of the lips.
Finish up by slowly sliding the tip to the right and left. (The unit will automatically switch off after 2 minutes)

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