Accessories Instruction manual, Warranty Certificate, Guidebook, Pouch, Cleaning Cloth
Dimension Approximately 50 (W) x 33 (D) x 148 (H) mm
Materials ABS, acrylic, stainless-steel, silicon, POM, platinum
Weight Approximately 40g
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Feel your body  rejoice from within.


Relax your expression from deep within your muscles.

Fits every contour of the face for deep the mimetic muscles.

Product features


The structure and size are precisely engineered

to replicate the soothing hand techniques of

professional estheticians.

Mimetic muscle kneading is enabled by applying

optimal pressure to your skin.

The roller adheres to the skin, drawing it in for a direct and precise kneading.

Double Drainage* Rollers

With meticulous at tension to detail, the diamond-cut rollers adhere to every curve and contour for deep kneading.


20mmDouble Drainage* Rollers

The rollers are structured to draw in the skin at the pick-up line and grip it at the hold line for deep kneading. The holding space helps to draw in the skin even further.





Platinum Coating

The surface of the rollers are coated in platinum to protect your delicate skin.

*Drainage is a technique that estheticians often perform, and does not express any effect the product has on your body.





A microcurrent is a very mild electrical current that closely resembles the biological current produced by the body.




Waterproof Construction

Conforms with JIS standards (equivalent to IPX7). This product can be used safely during your bath time.
 Compact size, easy to carry

For a brilliant and healthy look, add mimetic muscle conditioning to your routine.






Roll up and down, as if enclosing the line from your chin to the bottom of your ear.



Start from the corner of your mouth and smoothly roll below your cheekbone up to the front of your ear.

Gently roll upward as if lifting your forehead, from between your brows toward your hairline.


Slowly and carefully roll over the frontal muscles of your forehead.


Hands and Arms

Roll along the fleshy part at the base of your thumb.

Roll along the fleshy part at the base of your pinkie.


Grip the flesh between yourthumb and index finger withthe rolls and roll bit by bit.

Roll along the sides of your wrists.

Roll along the inside and outside of your arm.

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