• Replicates the "Point Kneading" technique of beauty professionals
  • Give a gentle care to the areas around your eyes, mouth and other specific points
  • Takes in light from the solar panel and generates microcurrent
  • Platinum coating, portable design, made in Japan
Size(mm) Approximately 45×142×32
Weight Approximately 28g
Materials ABS resin, Acryl, Stainless steel, Nylon, Platinum coating(Pt)
Accessories Instruction manual, Polishing Cloth
Country of Manufacture Japan
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Precise and gentle kneading helps refresh and

rejuvenate the radiant expressiveness of your facial




With eye-catching platinum brilliance and slender lines crowned by

multiangular rollers for maximum 360-degree coverage. ReFa S CARAT is

fashioned to fit the subtle undulations of your face's contours. These compact

rollers are specially designed to replicate the gentle "Point Kneading" fingertrip

action which helps tighten and rejuvenate the skin that tends to slacken around

the areas of the eyes and lips.




Esthetic Method

The ReFa CARAT FACE replicates the complex deep kneading hand manipulations of a professional esthetician to help visibly improve the firmness and suppleness of skin.




Platinum Coating

The rollers are coated in beautiful, hypoallergenic platinum to protect sensitive skin and resist tarnishing.



A solar panel in the handle draws in light and generates a very mild, soothing microcurrent.

How to hold

Grip securely centering on the thickest section, avoiding covering the solar panel with your hand.

How to roll

Roll in both directions while slightly applying force, as shown by the arrows.

Roll in a half-circular motion from below the eye to the temple. Gently knead the area around the eye.

Roll gently, concentrating on the area under the eyes. For sparkling, bright eyes.

Roll in small motions between the outer corner of the eye and the temple. Firm eyes that look great with a smile.

Roll along laugh lines. Press down lightly and roll carefully and smoothly.

Roll in small motions to lift the corners of the mouth. Think of a happy mouth with corners slightly turned-up.

Roll lightly from between the eyebrows to the hairline. To firm your forehead.

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