CUVILADY Balance Chair (L)


  • 360° swing training develops your abdominal muscle and creates a beautiful waist
  • 3D pelvis seating surface that scientifically works with the curves of your body
  • Suitable for hip size 90cm to 135cm
Dimensions W about 490mm × D about 427mm × H about 435mm
*Seating surface height about 222mm
Load Capacity Approximately 120 kg
The tightening on this product may not function correctly for those with hip sizes of 135 cm or greater, or of 90 cm or less.
※This is not a quality problem with the product.

Important Note

  • Please do not let children play with the support handle.
  • There is a possibility that the support handle is stuck in the head and neck, will not fall out.
  • Please do not let children play with other accessories (special stand).
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CUVILADY Balance Chair (L)


"Swing Training"

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The swing training that CUVILADY makes possible to strengthen the deep muscles in the “Core Training" included in belly dancing and strengthens the abdominal muscles with “Twisting Exercise" born from the scientific study of the movement of athletes.

The swing training combining “Core Training” and “Twisting Exercise” supports the concentrated development of a beautiful waist.

360° turn swing

The CUVILADY securely wraps and holds your lower back. By just swinging, the muscles around your waist move naturally.

In addition, the hard hemisphere state of the lower part of the CUVILADY, you can have swing training in 360° directions.

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Holds your lower back tight

Since the left and right top sections of CUVILADY are made of soft material, the chair can hold your lower back securely and fits bodies of many different shapes.

3D pelvis seating surface

The seating surface traces the curves of the human body through three dimensions. It fits your lower back and transmits the tilt of the CUVILADY to your body accurately and without waste.

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Two Different Sizes

There are two different sizes of CUVILADY for you to choose.

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CUVILADY Supplementary

"Fixed chair" with its own special stand

Using the special stand that comes with CUVILADY on the bottom of the main unit turns CUVILADY into a fixed chair.

Support handle

By using the support handle, even a beginner can achieve stable exercise.


Set up a slim-waisted body target with daily measurements habit.

Workout Program DVD

There are two exercises in the DVD, including "Basic Exercise" and "Advance Exercise", both exercises combined core training and twisting exercise elements and aim for a slim-waist body by working out the movements in the DVD.

Important Note

  • Please do not let children play with the support handle.
  • There is a possibility that the support handle is stuck in the head and neck, will not fall out.
  • Please do not let children play with other accessories (special stand).

How long should I need to exercise a day?

You can just exercise 3 minutes a day.

I'm a very lazy person and I usually cannot keep my motivation up. Is this product suitable for me?

This product is a 'while doing' product. It means that you can exercise while watching TV, reading magazines, or talking to someone over the phone. It fits perfectly into your everyday life and it will surely give you the fit body. It is also recommended for those with a knee or leg problems.

I have a huge bottom, can I use this product? Would I fit?

CUVILADY is made with soft material. It braces your hips with the sides that extend up high to be securely enclosed and fits bodies of many different shapes. However, if your hip size is bigger than 135cm, or smaller than 70cm, the product may not give you the best effect.

What is the weight limitation?

Product holds up to 120kg (same for regular and large size).

How heavy is the actual product?

CUVILADY regular size is 2kg and the large size is 3.6kg.

Can a man use this?


Will I fall over easily?

CUVILADY is designed to the height you can always reach the ground so it does not fall over. Although, if you are not comfortable with the balance, you may use the support handle to help.

Does it keep rolling on the ground when I`m not on it?

CUVILADY can turn into a fixed chair anytime If you use the special stand. If you are taking a rest, simply put the special stand on the bottom of CUVILADY and it will turn into a fixed chair.

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