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Size Approx. 420 mm (W) × 390 mm (D) × 330 mm (H)
Materials Structural material: Polypropylene 
Cushion material: Urethane foam, EVA plastic
Cloth: Polyester 92%, polyurethane 8% 
Bag: PVC, polypropylene
Weight Approx. 1.5 kg
Load Capacity Approx. 120kg
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"A beautiful body line comes from proper aligning and maintaining of your sitting posture."

Reset Body Make Shop Director
Risa Takeda


Worked as salon manager of a beauty chiropractic salon in the Ginza district of Tokyo for five years before starting her own practice. She has covered in various media articles for having a "godlike technique", and has editorial experience in overseeing feature articles in beauty-related magazines.

The "Style" features a design with curved lines to emulate the hands of a chiropractor.

The form of the "Style" arose from a thorough research of chiropractic techniques and the human body. The part that supports the lower back emulates the movement of the hands of a chiropractor. The "Style" is designed to maintain correct posture when seated, with curves based on the human form that fits perfectly.

Create your beautiful body line with three points:
The "Chiro-Support System".

"Having a correct posture means maintaining an unbroken line from your earholes to your shoulders to your pelvis."

Chiropractor and Central Chiropractic Vice Director
Takeharu Daito

Having a correct posture means maintaining a straight line from your earholes to your shoulders to your pelvis. However, it's very difficult to maintain this posture in day-to-day life when doing tasks such as deskwork. It's important to maintain a correct posture, in order to make full use of the "power" that the human body possesses.


Instructor for the Zenjukyo Chiropractic and Osteopathy Research Group. Leader of the Kinesio Taping Association. Active in joining events such as therapeutist seminars.

Evoke a proper and beautiful posture anytime at work or at home.

"A correct posture will reduce the pressure on your lower back and neck."

Chukyo University Professor of School of Health and Sports Science
Kagemoto Yuasa

The human head is said to weigh approximately 5 kilograms. If your posture is poor and your head moves slightly forward, the stress on your body increases by 15-20 kilograms. Also, when your upper body stoops forward, the added pressure on your body spreads to the lower back and knees. A correct posture will lessen the stress on your shoulders, neck, lower back and knees. If your posture is poor, you'll also feel more tired with the continued force applied to your muscles. So, correct posture plays an important role in reducing fatigue as well.


Chukyo University Professor of School of Health and Sports Science in Japan, holding an M.D.Active in the research of exercise for health of all people. Has written and been featured in many books and television.
Product Specification
  • In the interest of product improvement, these specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • There are cases in which the actual color of the product varies from illustrated photographs.
  • This product may not function properly for those who have a hip measurement of 110 cm or more.

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