• Microcurrent Mode: Contour firming.
  • Ion Skin Care Mode: helps to deliver the moisturizing ingredients to the deep skin.
  • With the traditional beauty method "Guasha", CAXA UP brings you a youthful, lustrous and well-defined skin from inside out. 
  • The set including a CAXA UP device and a CAXA UP Serum (30mL)
  • Made in Japan
Weight 47.5g
Materials ABS (plastic), Polycarbonate, Silicone, Polyethylene
Contents CAXA UP device
CAXA UP Serum (1 bottle)
Accessories Method book, case, cleaning cloth, AAA alkaline battery x 1
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Lift Up and Slide - Be Beautiful


Your skin is constantly rejuvenating itself in order to remain in healthy condition.

CAXA UP is designed to focus especially on this cycle. This skin care device helps you to "press down" and "pull up" your skin while caring for it, bringing out your beauty even more.

It's all about the CAXA UP Beauty Circulation Method - a method that brings you the polished, shiny skin you deserve.

CAXA is...

A time-honored traditional Eastern beauty treatment

CAXA is a beauty treatment that uses a special place to press down and pull up the skin. This treatment is said to have been in use for over 2,000 years.

The treatment was widely loved by the most beautiful empresses in renowned palaces as well as by ordinary folk. With some unique refinements, it is now attracting attention as a novel beauty technique.


"Microcurrent Mode" keeps skin looking sharp while the CAXA UP flows along your face.

The slight electric current that flows through our skin is said to be essential for maintaining beautiful skin.

The microcurrent produced by CAXA UP is extremely similar to this bioelectric current.

CAXA UP cares for your facial contours, bringing you more defined features with firmer skin.

Ion Skin Care Mode

"Ion Skin Care Mode" helps deliver the moisturizing ingredients to your deep skin.

The power of electricity is used for ion skin care which helps delivery the moisturizing ingredients to your deep skin..

CAXA UP provides skin treatment while lifting up your facial skin, giving you a fully youthful, lustrous look.


CAXA UP is a fusion of the wisdom of "Guasha" from the Orient with Microcurrent and Ion Skin Care electrotechnologies. These three approaches bring beauty to the inside* and the outside of our skin. *Corneal layer.

Featuring both superior function and beautiful design

CAXA UP features advanced electrotechnology that allows you easily turn the device on or off with a single touch.

Thin, lightweight, yet still highly functional, CAXA UP is stylishly designed with an eye for beauty.

Two modes can be activated with a touch

A skin detection feature allows each mode to be turned on and off with a touch.

*If you do not touch the plate with your bare hand, neither mode will activate.

Hold the CAXA UP by placing your fingers on the area marked

Press the area against your skin. The pink LED will light, and the device will vibrate.

Press the area against your skin. The blue LED will light, and the device will vibrate.

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