• Closely fit the calf with spherical design allows you to roll around the lower abdomen
  • Help exercise abdominal rectus muscle, a simple way to tighten your abdomen and beautify hip line
Dimension W about 345 mm x D about 345 mm x H about 345 mm
Material Cloth: Polyester 92%, polyurethane 8%
Main Unit: Soft urethane foam
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Feeling good about your beautiful abdomen everyday


We care about abdomen so much that we would prefer to hide it in our daily life. It is important to train the rectus muscle in the lower abdomen for beautiful abdomen.

By rolling PARALADY, you can train your rectus muscle and also focus on training the lower abdomen. Applying pressure to the muscle, refine and flatten the abdomen. Feeling confident with your beautiful body shape.

Applying “Affective Engineering” to stimulate the motivation to exercise

The concept of "Affective Engineering" is taking the image, sense, and even the emotional effect from human for promoting active motion, and reflecting and expressing that in the design. It was used to stimulate the motivation to exercise and make sustained exercise possible.

PARALADY incorporates this concept into the design, stimulates people's motivation to exercise naturally and continuously.

Leg hole design that wraps around the legs

PARALADY fits the calves and comfortably wraps around them.

It is designed to make you want to roll naturally when you insert your legs.

The Feature of PARALADY

Adjust your exercise intensity by turning the PARALADY upside down

The foot placement is designed as deviated from the center. You can adjust your exercise intensity and pressure to the abdomen by turning PARALADY upside down.

Arching motion that puts pressure on the abdomen

Targets the abdomen training by raising the legs and moving like drawing an arc.


Easy Exercise

You can place it in an accessible place and exercise while lying down or watching TV.

01 Stretch

Increase your flexibility through stretching

02 Exercise

Train your abdominal rectus muscle

03 Ideal

Produce a beautiful abdomen

Professional Advice

Warm up before training, this is an important cycle in tightening the muscles

In order to tighten the abdomen, it is necessary to train the inner muscles. But the core muscles cannot be training by an intensive muscle training. You can start by stretching to loosen the muscles, then applying a considerable amount of pressure afterwards. This increases the effectiveness of training.

The slow twisting exercise targets the oblique abdominal muscle and the inner muscle of the lower abdomen. By training the abdomen, you can also increase muscle strength to support the internal organs at the same time when you are tightening your muscles. This can help in correcting the position of internal organs.

Kagemoto Yuasa
Chukyo University, Professor of School of Health and Sports Science
Kagemoto Yuasa, MD, Chukyo University Professor of School of Health and Sports Science. Active in the fields of analyzing the techniques of top athletes, advocates twisting exercise techniques and research into exercise for health of ordinary people. In addition to publishing writings and books for years, he has also been invited to attend TV programmes in Japan.

If you fail to maintain your abdomen line……

We normally are sitting too much in our daily life, which reduce the chance for using the abdominal muscle and fat will be easily accumulated. The abdomen will sag and bulge in front due to the weak muscle and hard to support the internal organs.





Product Name PARALADY
Model LA-PR1830F-R (Red)
LA-PR1830F-N (Black)
Dimension W about 345 mm x D about 345 mm x H about 345 mm
Material Cloth: Polyester 92%, polyurethane 8%
Main Unit: Soft urethane foam