• By pushing the two sides of UPLADY, the three muscles like chest, shoulder and back can be stimulated
  • Beautifying your bust line, alleviating the problem of breast sagging
Dimension W about 290mm × D about 190mm × H about 190mm
Material Main Unit: Soft urethane foam, Polypropylene, Polyacetal
Spring: Stainless Steel
Removable Cover: Polyester 90%, Polyurethane 10%
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Feel confidence with your bust


A beautiful bust line is always a dream for all women. In order to build a nice bust line, it is important to train the muscles which support the breast.

By pushing UPLADY horizontally for both sides, it can stimulate the muscles of the breast, shoulder and back. Also, the bust line will be more beautiful by maintaining a proper posture and bring out the beauty and confidence of women.

Applying “Affective Engineering” to stimulate the motivation to exercise

The concept of "Affective Engineering" is taking the image, sense, and even the emotional effect from human for promoting active motion, and reflecting and expressing that in the design. It was used to stimulate the motivation to exercise and make sustained exercise possible.

UPLADY is the form that has arisen from this concept and stimulates people's motivation to exercise from its shape.

Cross-fit design that stimulates people's feelings

By using the human psychological propensity of “desire to fill the gap", the product is designed to achieve a sustainable exercise effect. This design pursued simplicity and significant effect.

The Feature of UPLADY


The core shaft supports level movement


The shaft passing through the center of a spring helps you achieve a level exercise without shaking. You can exercise efficiently without dispersing your power.

Durable cushion

The cushion is designed with durable resin. When pushing from both sides, the spring will not pierce easily.

The “Easy Exercise” that you can do within short periods of time

While you are watching TV, you are able to exercise to raise your bust line. You can exercise easily even during the short TV commercial break.

01 Breast

Strongly stimulates the breast muscles to raise the bust line.

02 Neck & Shoulder

Contract the muscles between the neck and shoulders to train the muscles for supporting the bust.

03 Back

Builds up your back strength to maintain beautiful posture and shape an attractive bust

Professional Advice

The combination of dynamic training and static training can provide a significant effect within a short period of time.

Normally, the breast muscles will be weaken and causes sagging of breasts starting from the 30's. In order to prevent breasts from sagging, it is crucial to develop the muscles in the upper section of the breast and between the neck and shoulders.

By combining dynamic training, which develops muscles through movement, and static training, which maintains the state of force being put into the muscles, a significant effect can be obtained in a short period of time.

Also, if your back muscles are strong, you can maintain beautiful posture, which makes your bust look more beautiful.

Kagemoto Yuasa
 Chukyo University, Professor of School of Health and Sports Science
Kagemoto Yuasa, MD, Chukyo University Professor of School of Health and Sports Science. Active in the fields of analyzing the techniques of top athletes, advocates twisting exercise techniques and research into exercise for health of ordinary people. In addition to publishing writings and books for years, he has also been invited to attend TV programmes in Japan.

When the bust line loses its shape...

When you are getting older, the breast muscles will be weaken and the breast size will also reduce. The breast will move outward and drop down.