• Round-shaped bottom surface
  • Stimulates calves via balance training
  • Easily shape your calves by doing balance training at home
Dimension Regular size (22.0cm - 24.5cm)
Material Main unit: EVA
〈Core material〉 EVA
〈Cloth〉 Polyester 90%, Polyurethane 10%



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Well-toned beautiful legs through balance training

The secret to beautifully toned legs is to develop your muscles.

The rounded R-shape of the bottom surface of the VICYACLADY stimulates your calves even when you are just standing.

You can do balance training easily at home, without go out to exercise. Get legs so well-toned that everyone will be fascinated by them and enjoy being able to carry off all the latest fashions.

The secret of the R-shape

The rounded R-shape is the secret for a well-toned beautiful legs. The toe to heel surface of VICYACLADY can move back and forth, so that you can stimulate your calves when you are walking. Also, exercise with VICYACLADY and maintain a proper posture can also stimulate the muscles. VICYACLADY helps you having a pair of beautiful legs.

The Feature of VICYACLADY

A firm and obvious calves

Through the balance training, the inner calves muscles can also be stimulated, that helps to shape a beautiful and well-proportioned legs.

Rhythmical dynamic training

Lengthen and contract muscles with exercise by walking and moving the toes up and down.

Static training by maintaining your body posture

Maintaining your body in an unstable posture stimulates the muscles of the calves.

Shape a beautiful calves

The calves are one of the most important location in the body, which also called “the second heart”, and helps promoting blood circulation. Stimulate the calves appropriately can help shaping a beautiful legs.

Create beautiful legs with proper posture


The proper posture is that your ear, shoulder, pelvis, and center of the foot are in a straight line and perpendicular to the ground when seen from the side. Maintaining your posture with balance exercise tones the muscles that support your body and creates beautiful and well-balanced legs.


Help raising the strength of core muscle

The strength of the core muscle can also been trained through maintaining balance naturally. Keep the well-balanced body shape with a stable posture.

Walk beautifully with a R-shape

The bottom surface of the VICYACLADY is a rounded R-shape that draws a curve from the toes to the heel. Solidly supports balance exercise using the entire bottoms of your feet.

Best balance design based on ergonomics

"Ergonomics" is used to design things that people can use with natural movements. Based on ergonomics, VICYACLADY was designed with a rounded toe center of gravity and reproduces the movement of "stepping with the tip toes". It is also a balanced design that lets you applying right loading with the 2-stage structure and that also takes into account a feeling of comfort during use.

Professional Advice

In creating beautiful legs, the strength to achieve balance from an unstable posture is indispensable.

A tight ankle and even calves will create a beautiful image. In order to keep a beautiful legs, it is important to maintain the a good skeleton and propoer posture. In keeping the skeleton in the prpoer position, we have to strengthen the muscles around the skeleton. This is the balance exercise that can be easily acheived by using our body weight.

If you put your entire body into an unstable posture, the extra loading on your legs to maintain a correct posture which promotes increased muscle strength and fat-burning. Also, by keeping the correct posture, your ear, shoulder, hip joint, and the center of your foot will form a straight line when you are seen from the side, you can make your toned legs look even more beautiful through the correct posture.

Kagemoto Yuasa
Chukyo University, Professor of School of Health and Sports Science
Kagemoto Yuasa, MD, Chukyo University Professor of School of Health and Sports Science. Active in the fields of analyzing the techniques of top athletes, advocates twisting exercise techniques and research into exercise for health of ordinary people. In addition to publishing writings and books for years, he has also been invited to attend TV programmes in Japan.




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