Just 5 minutes, 3 steps: CLEAN mode, MC mode, unique RF-Wpulse mode, 9 functions: RF waves, Sonic waves, PI waves, Ion Cleaning, Microcurrent, Blue LED, Yellow LED, Red LED, Vibration.


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Accessories Main Unit, USB Charging Cable (1.5m), Cotton Stopper, Stand, Usage Guide, SAFETY GUIDE, Method Card, Warranty Certificate, Guarantee Card
Size [Main Unit] Approx. 56mm x 203mm x 63mm
[Stand] Approx. 59mm x 54mm x153mm
Materials [Main Unit] ABS resin, silicone rubber, aluminum, magnets, stainless steel, chrome
[Stand] ABS resin, silicone rubber
[Cotton Stopper] iron
Weight [Main Unit] Approx. 178g
[Stand] Approx. 45g
Power consumption Approx. 14.5W
Country of manufacture Japan


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Nurture your beauty with the multitasking benefits of our Skin Nurturing1 Program



More effective than superficial skincare, the ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE targets the deeper layers2 of the skin with its Skin Nurturing Program.

In just five minutes, each Skin Nurturing1 Program session with the ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE will help protect your skin from the visible effects of environmental stressors and aging.


Awaken your skin’s potential for optimal beauty and health


1 Nurturing the beauty of the skin

2 To the keratin layer



Original technology that nurtures the skin’s inner and outer beauty


ReFa believes that nurturing the skin means going beyond the surface to care for its inner beauty ? not just what’s on the outside. The RF-Wpulse emitted by the ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE is the culmination of years spent researching various radiofrequency technologies and applying them to skincare. By simultaneously emitting RF, sonic and PI waves, the RF-Wpulse delivers the benefits of warmth, sound and deep permeation* of active ingredients to multiple layers of the skin ? creating the perfect environment for nurturing beauty. Upgrade your beauty routine by nurturing your skin with the ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE.

* To the keratin layer



The Skin Nurturing1 Program

works three ways to help protect skin from the visible effects of the environment and aging.




The Skin Nurturing1 Program helps visibly circulate, support and protect skin from the visible effects of the environment and aging.

As a result, skin will look more beautiful, healthy, elastic and firm at any age and in any environment.

1 Nurturing the beauty of the skin
2 To the keratin layer



ReFa's original technology behind the Skin Nurturing1 Program






9 functions of the Skin Nurturing* Program


  * Nurturing the beauty of the skin