Precise and gentle kneading helps refresh ad rejuvenate the radiant expressiveness of your facial beauty.

Size(mm) Approximately 70×168×69
Weight Approximately 205g
Materials ABS resin, Acryl, Stainless steel, Nylon, Silicon rubber, Aluminum, Platinum coating(Pt)
Accessories Instruction manual, Guidebook, Pouch, Cleaning cloth
Country of Manufacture Japan
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Double the rollers.

Double the kneading.

Double the benefits.

The ReFa 4 CARAT features four multi-angular rollers for 360-degree coverage from your face to your waist. The angles and spacing between each roller were precisely calculated for double kneading – a technique used by professional estheticians to consecutively knead the skin. Together, the four rollers draw in the skin from all angles for a firm, supple appearance.

Esthetic Method

Four diamond-cut rollers replicate the consecutive double kneading used by professional estheticians to help firm and tone the appearance of the face, neck, hips and waist.


A solar panel embedded in the handle converts available light into a very mild, soothing microcurrent.

Platinum Coating

The rollers are coated in platinum to extend their use over time.

Waterproof Construction

Conforms to JIS standards (equivalent to IPX7). Can be used while bathing.

Straight technique

By placing four rollers on your skin and moving them straight, the device will pick up and release the skin in a continuous manner

How to hold

Please hold the handle tightly and do not cover the solar panel.

How to use

Roll up and down both directions softly as shown by arrows.

Care for the contours of your face

Roll outward from the mouth to the temples. Care for the skin on the contours of your face to tighten the entire face.

Care for your décolletage

Roll up from the depression below your collarbone to shoulder smoothly, for a feminine, attractive décolleté.

Care for your neck

Roll from the back of your neck to shoulder. Move the device slowly in a comfortable intensity, pressing the device against your skin.

Care for your waist

For the waist, roll the device as if you lift up your waist. Roll along the waist for an attractive waist line.

Care for your hips

Roll up strongly from the base of your thigh to hip. Treat the border of your thigh and hip for a beautiful appearance from behind.

Care for your inner thighs

Roll up from above your knee to the base of your thigh. Inner thighs are keys for beautiful legs. Treat them thoroughly.

Swing technique

Move your hand as if you scoop up. Recommended if you want to pick up and release your skin more deeply and firmly.

Use of this product

Move the device so that the number of rollers placed on the skin will change from two to four, then from four to two as you move the device. Roll the device in one direction by turning your wrist over softly.

Care for your face

Place the front rollers on your cheek and pull the cheek up towards temple.

Move the handle as if you scoop up. Hold the skin with four rollers and pull up towards temple.

Using the rear rollers, move the device as if you pull up and release the skin further.

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