• 24K Gold Coating
  • Double drainage roller with a diamond-like shape replicate the "kneading" technique that professionals use, which makes skin more beautiful and firming
  • Extra large solar panel and electricity storage
  • Microcurrent technology, waterproof design, made in Japan
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Size(mm) Approximately 92x152x54mm
Weight Approximately 200g
Materials ABS plastic, brass, acrylic, silicone rubber, elastomer, stainless steel, nylon, 24-carat gold
Water-proofing Complies with JIS water-proof protection grade IPX7
Made in Japan


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ReFa is a unique beauty care brand focused on the relationship between beauty and motion.

Rolling with ReFa improves your circulation and aligns the rhythms inside your body.

This will enhance the functioning of our skin and body, bringing out your natural beauty.

Meet your real beauty with ReFa.


Microcurrent skin care based on the nature of your skin

Ultra-fine electric current is actually present within your skin.

It’s one of the elements that protects our healthy and beautiful skin.

ReFa takes in the light from its solar panel and generates a microcurrent which is much similar to this natural current.

ReFa doesn’t rely on external power supply and is equipped with a power storage function.

You can give yourself beauty care with microcurrent without worrying when and where to use, giving you firm and young skin at any time.


The 360° multi-angle structure replicates the professional and complicated motion during massaging

The shiny golden body is coated with 24-carat gold.

Its 360° multi-angle structure replicates the professional massage techniques used by estheticians.

The whole design including shape of rollers and incident angle, was designed in a compound manner to attain multi-rolling at any angles. This allows you to roll smoothly anywhere on your face and body.

Elegant design shining in gold.

Professional technology of ReFa gives you a high quality of skincare.

This is PREMIUM.

1. Esthetic Method

ReFa replicates complicated and professional esthetician technique called kneading, which picks up the skin, twists it and kneads it. When you are using ReFa, the movements of the two rollers are applying gentle pressure to the area that you concerned about.

2. Power Storage Function

ReFa is designed to generate microcurrent by using its strong solar panel. Thanks to this power storage function, you don’t need to worry about when and where to use it, even in a dark bedroom before you go to sleep.

3. Water-proof Design

Premium is water-proof. Effective result can be achieved by using it in the bath where your metabolism can be enhanced.

4. Gold Coated

Coated with 24-carat gold, which is gentle even to delicate skin.

The polished brilliance will certainly make you feel satisfied when you notice it in your room or take it in your hand.

Care for the contours of your face

Roll along the contours of your face from the marionette line (depressor anguli oris). Taking care of the skin around your mouth and cheeks, giving the entire face a nice impression.

Care for your head

Close your eyes, roll on your forehead, and slowly roll towards the center of your head. Provide a pleasant rolling effect and care for your scalp.

Care for your neck

Hold the ReFa PREMIUM in a reverse direction and roll along the neck muscles from the shoulders and the base of neck towards your head. Move up and down along the path of lymph vessels.

Care for your bust

Roll towards the center of your breast while pressing the arm pit. Try to take the bust that has spread to the side and move it back towards the center.

Care for your arms

Roll from the upper and towards the arm pit. Provide skin care for the areas that you concerned.

Care for your waist line

Roll along the side of your body from below your bust to your waist line. Firmly pick up the skin on the side and make it flow.

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