Style Dr. CHAIR


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Size Approx. 590 mm (W) × 560 mm (D) × 510 mm (H)
Materials Structural material: Polystyrene
Cushion material: Urethane foam
Cloth: Polyester 100%
Weight Approximately 2.9 kg
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Style Dr. CHAIR


Experience a reassuring seating comfort similar to the support of family medical care.

Proper posture with the correct lower back support is important to maintaining your body's health. Dr. CHAIR was developed and designed from a chiropractic aspect to gently enclose the body and relieve any burden to the lower back.

Designed to help "posture stability" a quality that is rooted in Japanese culture. Feel the gentle support on your lower back by simply sitting.

Straightening the hipbone for "posture stability" has been basic to classical Japanese arts such as kendo, tea ceremony, and Kabuki.

As a culture that tends to sit on the floor - a practice that upsets posture even more than sitting in chairs - the Japanese people have experienced what it means to relieve the wight of the body and adopt the proper posture.


Dr. CHAIR was designed based on "posture stability". By simply sitting down, it extends your lower back and allows you to comfortably sit.

Supports the Ilium

Firmly supports both sides of the ilium to maintain a firm hold on the pelvis.


Supports the Spin

Enfolds from the lumber vertebra to the thoracic vertebra, making it easier to support the nature "S" of the spin.


Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed at a height of approximately 180mm to make it easy to stand and sit.

Overhang Structure

Eases the load on the knees with an overhang structure that allows you to tuck in your heels.

Our Unique Chiropractic Support System

It is chiropractically correct to maintain an "S" figure of the spine and stabilize the pelvis in order to maintain proper positioning for the body.

Dr. CHAIR encloses the backbone and pelvis to guide the lower back and shoulders into a position where any burden is minimized.

Weighing approximately 2.9 kg, the chair can be easily moved.

Designed so that you can easily use both hands to support yourself as you stand up.

Dr. CHAIR can be used on either tatami mats or flooring.



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