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Accessories Instruction Manual, Warranty Certificate, Guidebook, Pouch, Cleaning Cloth
Size Approx. 105mm x 171mm x 61mm
Materials ABS, acrylic, stainless steel, nylon, silicone rubber, titanium
Weight Approx. 285g
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Apply as much pressure as your body needs.

Condition and restore your body's equilibrium.


After a hard workout or a sports activity, reward your body with Wide Fit Pressure Functionality that kneads your muscles and effectively provides care and comfort. By varying how much you press down on its specially designed handle, you can easily control the amount of pressure you apply to a targeted area.

Replicates the "grasp and squeeze" action inspired by a sports trainer's massage techniques.

Structured to draw in the skin at the pick-up line and grip it at the hold line. 

Specially shaped rollers for kneading and conditioning the skin.

The diamond-cut double drainage rollers grip the skin with precision and can be moved along complex contours of the body to knead the targeted area and stimulate circulation. You can also change the usage to match the situation: a slow rolling movement provides a soothing massage while a quick rolling yields a brisk and stimulating massage.



Generates a microcurrent that is favored by athletes the world over.

Emits a very mild microcurrent by taking in light with two solar panels, one placed on each handle.



1. Double Drainage* Rollers

Rollers with a special shape cut into a 440-hedron diamond-like shape enable the device to realize a movement that firmly pulls up and gently releases the skin.

*Drainage is a technique that estheticians often perform, and does not express any effect the product has on your body.



 2. Titanium Coating

The rollers are coated with titanium, which is known for its high corrosion resistance. Titanium is an appropriate material for daily use as it cannot be easily scratched and has a high resistance to perspiration.



3. Double Solar Panels

The two solar panels, one installed on each handle, efficiently take in light to generate a very mild electrical current called "microcurrent".


  4. Flexible Handle

The handle design allows you to flexibly change the space between the rollers in a accordance with the part of the body on which you use the device. By spreading the width to firmly grasp and squeeze the areas you wish to care for, you can apply "Wide Fit" pressure.


5. Waterproof Construction

Conforms with JPS standards (equivalent to IPX7). This product can be used safely during your bath time.


Adjust the width between 12.5mm to 45mm.

Wide Fit Pressure Functionality administers pressure not only to the surface of the skin but deep down to the muscle itself.




Before or after exercise or even during work,

treat yourself to the kind of care your body needs.


Roll the device back and forth in the area between your wrist and elbow. Start from the inner side and gradually move the device outward.



Roll the device from your ankle to the back of your knee. In addition, also roll it on the soles of your feet.



Gently roll the device in the area between your knee and the base of your thigh, with a particular focus on the ares around and behind your knee.



Roll the device thoroughly between the base of your neck and the area around your shoulders. Roll it up to the border of your arm.





Use for extensive massage treatments during cool down exercise of after hard workouts.


For the upper arm, care separately for upper and lower part. Roll deeper and thoroughly up to the border of your shoulder and armpit.



Roll the device from your ankle to under your knee. Avoid rolling on the bone, caring for the sides.



Roll the device from your ankle to the back of your knee. Grasp and squeeze your calf thoroughly.



Roll up and down along the curve of your body between your hip and the part above your waist line.





Apply along facial or body contours to improve skin texture and tone.


Roll the device from below the corner of your mouth along the facial contours. Roll so as to lift up your skin.



While pressing the armpit, roll the device toward the center or your breast as if to gather the breasts inward.



Roll the device diagonally to achieve an ideal waist. Roll so as to lift the skin up.



Roll the device along the hip line so as to shape up your hips. Roll up to the pelvis.



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