Unique posture care, provides comfort for your lower back.

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Model YSAL18A
Accessories Instruction Manual
Size Approx. 460 mm (W) × 440 mm (D) × 430 mm (H)
Materials Structural material: Polypropylene 
Cushioning medium: Urethane foam; Covering: Polyester 92%, Polyurethane 8%; Frame: Vinyl chloride resin
Weight Approx. 3.9 kg
Load Capacity Approx. 120 kg
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Proper posture comes from proper sitting.

It's important to review how we sit and to be aware of our posture. By learning how to maintain a proper posture, we can relieve the burden on our bodies.

It is a chiropractically correct to maintain an "S" figure for the spine and stabilize the pelvis in order to maintain proper positioning for the body. Style PREMIUM assists in correcting your posture by providing lumbar vertebrae support to help you form a proper "S" figured spin, and also braces the ilium to stabilize pelvis.

The unique features of the Chiropractic Suppor System offer full posture support.


Style PREMIUM's unique features stabilize the lumber and pelvis while supporting proper posture which is corrected by simply sitting down.



Pelvis Support Features

   Ilium Support

By firmly supporting the ilium from both sides, you are able to maintain a well-balanced pelvis.



  Orthostatic Pelvic Tilt

By tilting the angle of the seat base slightly forward, you can maintain the body's forward-tilting center of balance. This leads to the ideal posture, with an upright pelvis.


  Curved Body-traced Surface

The curves that fit firmly with the body avoid putting pressure on the muscles, and prevent any sideways or tilting displacement of the pelvis.



The Style PREMIUM uses two different kinds of urethane to offer the body even greater relief. The top layer of low rebound urethane memory foam gently cushions and fits to the shape of the body, and the high rebound urethane memory foam supports from underneath to provide comfort and help maintain the correct posture.


The Characteristics of Low Rebound Urethane Memory Foam




Fits with your body

Low rebound urethane memory foam, which has good elasticity and an outstanding ability to regain its original shape, fits perfectly with the bumps and curves of your lower back and buttocks. It helps you to keep good posture and sit with your center of balance in the right position.



Superior Pressure-Absorbing Ability

The foam adapts to fit a variety of shapes from the direction that the weight is applied from, and boasts a unique ability to absorb pressure. It gently envelops the ischium (posterior part of the pelvic bone), which particularly tends to take on pressure.

The Characteristics of High Rebound Urethane Memory Foam





High degree of elasticity

In order to maintain the correct posture, it is vital for your pelvis and lumbar vertebra to be correctly supported. It makes it easy to maintain the ideal posture because the Style PREMIUM does not hug the body too much but supports it from underneath high rebound urethane memory foam, which retains its form well and does not easily sag.

Correct posture equally distributes pressure and reduces the burden on your body.

By maintaining the correct posture, your can disperse areas of pressure, and reduce the weight on your lower back.


Subject:24-year old female
Conditions:A comparison of pressure distribution on the backrest/seat while sitting with/without Style PREMIUM.
Device used:Verg's FSA Pressure Mapping System
Results may vary depending on the individual.
(MTG test results)

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