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Experience each gentle grip as you draw your scalp upward.

Restore your beauty as you rejuvenate your hair, skin and expression.


Accessories Charging Stand, Water-Resistant Stand, AC adapter, Kneading Brush, Cleansing Brush, Cleaning Cloth, Instruction Manual, How to Use Guidelines, Guarantee Card, Warranty Certificate

[Main Unit] Approx. 113mm x 93mm x 131mm

[Charging Stand] Approx. 132mm x 106mm x 52mm

[Water-Resistant Stand] Approx. 120mm x 103mm x 42mm


[Main Unit] ABS resin, POM, stainless steel, silicone rubber

[Brush] Silicone rubber

[Charging Stand] Acrylic resin, ABS resin

[Water-Resistant Stand] Polypropylene


[Main Unit] Approx. 322g

[Charging Stand] Approx. 196g

[Water-Resistant Stand] Approx. 30g

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Featuring a unique technology that replicates the firm hand techniques of professional estheticians, consecutively gripping and drawing the scalp up with a "Twist Kneading" action. With its 3D electrical rolling that specially takes in to account the angle of inclination and direction of rotation, ReFa GRACE HEAD SPA grips the stiff scalp and draws it up to stimulate and enhance the beauty of your hair, skin and expression.

Esthetic Method

Our unique Quatro 3D Roller replicates the professional hand techniques of "circular thumb kneading" to apply "Twist Kneading" for consecutively gripping and drawing up your scalp.

This product provides 3D movement by slanting the rollers 15°. This allows it to firmly grip and draw up the stiff scalp.


The precision calculation of the roller's direction of rotation produces up-down and right-left counter pressures that consecutively grips and draws up the skin in four location.

Refined Functional Beauty

Featuring a round handle that fits in the hand, this makes the product easy to hold and guide over your scalp. The beautiful acrylic charger also acts as a stand after the unit is charged.

Waterproof Construction that can be used in the bathroom

Confirms with JIS standards (equivalent to IPX7). This product can be used even in the bath tub and shower.

Selectable brushes and modes

A choice of 2 brushes

Kneading Brush

Adhere to the scalp and comfortably grips and draw up.

Cleansing Brush

Cleanses impurities from the scalp and grips and draw up.

A choice of 2 modes

220rpm of pleasant stimulation

240rpm of pleasant stimulation

Grip the main unit, enveloping it in the palm of your hand.

Press the unit against your hairline for approximately 3 seconds and slowly slide it towards the top of your head.

To draw up even more, focus on the area behind your ear and slide towards the tops of your head.

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