SIXPAD Hand Pulse


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Contents Hand Pulse unit x 1, USB Charging Cable (0.9m), Usage Guide, SAFETY GUIDE, Warranty Certificate
Size Approximately 68mm x 68mm x 62mm
Materials Unit: ABS resin, silicone rubber
Weight Approximately 145g
Country of Manufacture China
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SIXPAD Hand Pulse




10 minutes a day


Whenever you have a spare hand,

Hold the compact device and let it do its work on your muscles.


The hand that is the "starting point" for many things.

Have you ever had a day without using your hands?

Pinch, Grab, Hold.

The combination of these movements realizes almost everyday casual movements.

Keep training "hand muscles" may be the key to continuing your daily routine.



PinchGrab, Hold.

Expand the strength of the hand efficiently by these three movements.

Hand movements can be achieved not only with the strength of the fingers, but also with the strength of the intrinsic muscles (palm muscles) and extrinsic muscles (forearms).

Among them, the intrinsic muscles are the muscles which are necessary for the forces that make up the fingers, including the pinching force. It is important to keep training your hands by repeating the movements of grasping and opening.


Pinch force (internal muscle of the hand)
Pinch power / Open / close PET bottle, twist faucet, hold chopsticks
Crash force (internal and extrinsic muscles of the hand)
Grab the railing with the power / cup
Hold force (internal and extrinsic muscles of the hand)
The power to keep / keep the bag, keep the shopping cart

* EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Step 1


EMS Training (10   minutes)


Hold the Hand Pulse tightly,

Train the intrinsic muscles of the hands.

With electrical muscle stimulation, you can train the intrinsic muscles and fingers easily and specifically.

Grab the Hand Pulse with your fingers so that the bottom part of the Hand Pulse can touch your palm completely.


Electrical muscle stimulation. This is EMS *.




Step 2


Hand Stretch


Grab, Roll, and Push

Stretch after EMS training.


Equipped with a vibration function of up to 7500 times / minute. 

By grasping or rolling, the unevenness of the surface comfortably stimulates the muscles of the fingers.


You can easily stretch your fingers.




Rechargeable that can be used anywhere


It can be used for 30 times after 4 hours of charging*.

It can be used anytime and anywhere.

*About 30 times (when the EMS training mode is level 6 and the room temperature is 23°C). About 70 times in the stretch mode (the room temperature 23°C))

Unevenness that fits and stimulates


The material is conductive rubber that fits comfortably in your hand.

The unevenness provided on the surface transmits electricity to the hand while stimulating the hand moderately.

Simple operation and easy-to-read level display


Use the up and down buttons to switch training, and use the
left and right buttons to adjust the level of electrical stimulation from 6 levels.
It is simple to operate.

Safety Guard


TRAINING GEAR SIXPAD | Safety Precautions

To ensure that the product is used correctly and safely, please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
The precautions described in this manual are intended to ensure the safe and proper use of the product and to prevent injuries to yourself and others, or damage to property.



Never use at the same time as the following kinds of medical electrical devices. Doing so may cause an accident or the medical device to malfunction and result in significant bodily harm.

  • Implanted medical devices, such as a pacemaker
  • Medical electrical equipment used to sustain life, such as heart-lung machines
  • Wearable medical devices, such as EKGs
  • Do not approach the areas of individuals who have medical device implants (such as a cardiac pacemaker) with the main unit attached to your body (Keep a distance of at least 22 cm from where the medical devices are implanted).



The following persons should not use this product. Doing so may cause an accident or problems to the body or skin.

  • Persons with heart disease
  • Women who are pregnant or have just given birth
  • Persons ordered not to exercise by a physician

Anyone with the following conditions should not use the product without first consulting a physician. Doing so may cause an accident or problems to the body or skin.

  • Persons prone to allergies
  • Persons with sensory abnormalities or problems with their skin (infection, inflamed skin or scratches)
  • Persons with blockages of blood flow
  • Persons taking medications
  • Persons with malignant tumors
  • Persons with any symptoms of cranial nerve abnormality (epilepsy, etc.)
  • Persons with an impairment in perception due to a significant peripheral circulatory disorder, such as from diabetes
  • Persons with a fever (38°C or above)
  • Persons who need rest
  • Persons with an acute (painful) condition, such as spine fracture, sprain, pulled muscle, etc
  • Persons with a bone disorder, such as osteoporosis
  • Persons with abnormal blood pressure
  • Persons whose skin is irritated by the Gel Sheets
  • Persons experiencing any specific physical abnormalities
  • Persons with tattoos where the product would be used
  • Persons receiving treatment from a medical institution

Even if none of the conditions above apply to you, please consult with your physician if you have any concerns about using the product.

Do not use the product on the following body parts.
Doing so may cause an accident or problems to the body or skin.
  • Areas around the heart, such as the chest or shoulder blade, or parts from the neck up (head, face, etc.)
  • On wounds, or mucous membranes such as the eyes, mouth or genitals
  • On body parts where hair removal treatment was performed the same day
  • On body parts where plastic surgery has been performed
  • On body parts with metal, plastic, or silicone implants
  • Spinal column
  • Abdomen during menstruation

Please do not use anywhere other than as specified in this manual.

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